Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sleep Deprivation - The Answers

Dear Readers,

Here are the answers to the Sleep Deprivation Quiz:

To take the sleep deprivation test, you need a watch, a metal spoon and a metal tray . Check the time and then shut your eyes. When you fall asleep the spoon should hit the tray and wake you up.
If you fall asleep after fifteen minutes, you're OK. But after ten minutes, you're sleep deprived.  If it's five minutes or less, then you may have severe sleep deprivation."
Michael Mosley took just over ten minutes to fall asleep. So he is not getting enough sleep.
He tried the test on some office workers. Three out of ten nodded off in around _____ minutes. That's not surprising when you consider that forty per cent of the population of Britain say they get less than six hours of sleep a night."
That's alarming news for many of us. It's certainly true in my case. In my job, I finish at 9 p.m. Assuming I don't go out - to the theatre, a movie or dinner - I get home to the Rome Borough of Centocelle around 10 p.m.I relax with a drink and a bit of television or a magazine, and then cook dinner. I might perhaps finish dinner around 11.00 or even 11.30.

Then I turn on my computer and edit photos, or maybe even this Blog. At some point I will look at the clock and find that it's already 1 a.m.! And there are days when I get up before seven in the morning. It really is appalling.

Tomorrow the summer holidays start and I'm going up to the UK. I'm resolving to go to bed before midnight every night if I can. Way to go!

Now it's your turn. Write to us and tell us about your sleep habits. Us the comments facility as we no longer have the more interactive Tag Board, and I have not yet found a replacement.

I'll have another message from you very soon. Meanwhile...

... have a nice day!
The Editor.