Friday, June 30, 2017

How Well do you Sleep?

Hello everyone. My humble apologies - it is just over a month since my last post. I'm going to remedy that now. We have an intriguing question from the BBC: "Are You Sleep Deprived?"

I thought of this a couple of days ago as I was teaching a class. It was morning and everybody - including me - was yawning. I confess I often go to bed late - as late as 2.30 a.m. sometimes - and get up early - like at 6.45. That means I'm getting just over four hours' sleep.

Obviously this is a bad idea. But a surprising number of people, perhaps most of us, have a sleep deficit. To find out how badly you are affected, watch this short video on the BBC. In it the presenter, Michael Mosley, tells you how to take the "Sleep Onset Latency" test.

After watching the video, see if you can fill in the gaps in this summary. It is not a transcript of the speech. Each underlined space stands for one word:

To take the sleep deprivation test, you need a _____ , a _____ _____ and a _____ _____ . Check the _____ and then shut your _____ . When you fall asleep the _____ should hit the _____ and _____ you up.
If you fall asleep after _____ minutes, you're OK. But after _____ minutes, you're sleep deprived.  If it's _____ minutes or less, then you _____ have severe sleep deprivation."
Michael Mosley took just over _____ minutes to fall asleep. So he is not getting _____ sleep.
He tried the test on some office workers. Three out of ten nodded off in around _____ minutes. That's not surprising when you consider that _____ per cent of the population of Britain say they get less than _____ hours of sleep a night."

That's definitely not enough. 👎

Listen as many times as you like and then tell us what you think the missing words are. Use a Comment or the Tag Board on the right.

I look forward to seeing loads of people taking part!

More very soon indeed,

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