Friday, May 26, 2017

Exercise and the brain: the answers:

Hello everyone! After rather a long time, here are the answers to our previous quiz:

1. How does Neil regard the quality of his own mind? He doesn't think he's very sharp.

Extra question: What's the opposite of "sharp" when you are talking about someone's mind?

2. Which two countries did he do a "stint" in? Japan and the Czech Republic

3. And what do you imagine he was doing there? Teaching? Journalism? He doesn't actually say.

And the correct verb?

There's a verb we use to mean 'start doing exercise'. Is it…
a) take up is correct.
b) take on
c) take over

Note that these verbs form part of that vast collection of "phrasal verbs", also called "multi-word" verbs. By changing the word coming after the verb, known as the "particle", you can completely change the meaning of the verb.

And now for our next activity. This is aimed at 'Lower Intermediate'. Come in and take part!

More soon,

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