Thursday, April 13, 2017

Your Learner's Questions Answered...

... by the BBC's "Learning English",  This week they're answering a question that many Italian students of English have a problem with. How do you use "In fact", "Actually" or "Well..."?

What I always say: "infatti" in Italian does not mean "in fact" in English. And "attualmaente" does not mean "actually".

Help is at hand, however. Simply surf to the BBC's Learning English site for advice on how to use these expressions.

Watch the presenter's explanation. Then, at the bottom of the page, do the Learners' Questions Quiz.

When you have finished, write your reactions on the Tag Board to the right of this post. Or use a Comment.

Say whether the exercise was useful. Do you now understand how to use "In fact", "Actually" and "Well"?

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And enjoy your Easter vacation!
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