Thursday, March 02, 2017

Why Are People in Cities Rude? The Answers!

Hello everyone. I have been absent recently but now I am back with the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz.

I'm disappointed that no one took part this time, but hopefully the next Quiz will be more successful.

So here are the answers to the quiz on why people in cities are rude. Or are they? New York City used to be notorious for its rude, grouchy inhabitants. But the couple of times I have been there, people have been unfailingly polite and helpful. It just goes to show that you shouldn't trust stereotypes.

1. (This week's official question): When we have a positive interaction with somebody, our body releases a chemical. What's the name of this chemical? Is it…

a) melatonin? b) oxytocin? c) thyroxin?
The correct answer: b) oxytocin

This chemical is also known as the "love drug"

2. If you wear a "Tube Chat Badge" it means you are ... happy to talk to a stranger!

3. People in big cities are often scared to talk to a stranger.

4. According to Dr. Elle Boag of Birmingham City University, "our brain becomes hypervigilant to the perception of threats around us."

5. "This leads to behaviours that are insular and defensive."

6. "It's a protective mechanism by which we can survive our journey."

7. You just don't know who might be dangerous.

8. We avoid making eye contact with other people.

9. According to Catherine, if you grow up in a small town it can feel claustrophobic.

10.  According to Neil, a nosey person is one who shows too much interest in other people's business.

11. According to Tom Farley, we just don't have time for idle chit-chat (two words separated by a hyphen.)

12. "Success quotient " means ... your ability to be successful at work, relative to ordinary or average people.

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More very soon - another quiz is upcoming!

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