Thursday, March 30, 2017

Top Tips to Improve Your Memory: The Answers

Hello everyone. Here are the official answers to the Memory Top Tips:

1. Make notes in class on things that are [useful] and [important] to you. Then [revisit] your notes immediately afterwards.

2. Use mind [maps] which can be drawn on paper or a laptop.

3. Write condensed cards of your notes, and stick them where you can [see] them, such as on a [kitchen] wall.

4. Or, write your notes on your mobile phone and set up a [reminder] to read them regularly.

5. It's a good idea to say things out [loud] . This will help you remember better.

6. One student has a vision of a long white [tunnel] with all the key [topics/vocabulary] written on the side of it.

7. 'Mnemonics' uses [association] to remember facts. Create an [image] in your mind to help you remember a word or phrase.

8. Get a good night's [sleep]. Your memory won't work if you're [tired].

Many, many thanks to these participants: Margaret, Giovanna, Tandis and Serena!

Look out for the next Listening Quiz, coming soon.

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