Thursday, February 02, 2017

Why Are People in Cities Rude?

Or perhaps they aren't always. We'd love to hear your views. Meanwhile here is a chance to practise listening with Six Minute English on the BBC.

Catherine and Neil are talking, and Neil opens the programme by saying that someone he didn't know actually talked to him on the London Underground this morning. Could this happen where you live?

1. (This week's official question): When we have a positive interaction with somebody, our body releases a chemical. What's the name of this chemical? Is it…

a) melatonin? b) oxytocin? c) thyroxin?
This chemical is also known as the "___ ___".
Listen carefully to the answer which comes at the end of the programme
Some more questions: if there's a space "____" answer with a word for each space; if you see dotes (....) complete the sentence according to what you hear.

2. If you wear a "Tube Chat Badge" it means you are ...

3. People in big cities are often ____ to talk to a stranger.

4. According to Dr. Elle Boag of Birmingham City University, "our brain becomes hypervigilant to the perception of ___ around us."

5. "This leads to ___ that are insular and defensive."

6. "It's a ____ mechanism by which we can survive our journey."

7. You just don't know who might be ___ .

8. We avoid making ___ ___ with other people.

9. According to Catherine, if you grow up in a small town it can feel ___ .

10.  According to Neil, a ___ person is one who shows too much interest in other people's business.

11. According to Tom Farley, we just don't have time for idle ___..___  (two words separated by a hyphen.)

12. "Success quotient " means ...

So... having studied the questions, now listen to the programme.

Then post your answers here in a Comment or on the Tag Board. Let's get as many people listening and posting as we can!

And another thing... do you think people in cities are rude? Post a comment or a message on the Tag Board and tell us: (1) your experiences of rudeness, and (2) your experiences of unexpected kindness in the city.

Happy listening - and have a nice day.
Mike (Editor, "Rome English")


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