Thursday, January 19, 2017

Proud to be an Introvert

Hello everyone. As promised, here is another Six Minute English quiz. 

Lately, students have been talking about personalities, about our individual characteristics which make all of us so different. We're going to listen to Alice and Neil talking about this very topic on the BBC Learning English "Six Minute English" programme. Here are some questions before you listen.

A note about this exercise: if there is a gap (_____) in the text, then insert one word. If you see a series of dots (....) then write any short answer which completes the sentence logically according to what you hear. 

And if there's a simple question, then write a simple answer. But always pay attention to grammar and spelling.

1. (Official question) Who first used the term 'extrovert'? 
Was it… a) Sigmund Freud? b) Friedrich Nietzsche? c) Carl Jung?

2. What's the essential difference between Neil and Alice?

3. Alice thinks she's a(n) _________ .

4. Alice rebukes Neil for being too _______ .

5. According to Alice, what two qualities do introverts possess?

6. According to Lisa Kaenzig, introverts are people who get their ____ from within ____ .

7. Introverts frequently find noisy environments _____ .

8. In Kenya, psychologist Dr. Peter Aloka recommends that introverts and extroverts work ....

Now listen to the programme. When you have finished, post your quiz answers on the Tag Board or as a comment.

At the same time, tell us whether you think you are an introvert or an extrovert, and say why.

I personally think I am a mixture of the two. I like being with other people. I am happy to be in a crowded bar even if no one speaks to me. So what am I? The word you need to answer this question is heard in the programme!

Let me (and the rest of us) know!
All the best, and more soon,
Mike (Editor, "Rome English")

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