Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Your sign, your personality?

Good day everyone. Today I want to draw your attention to an important resource: "Real English" by the well-known American teacher of English, Michael Marzio.

You are probably familiar with his spontaneous street interviews with passers-by, who answer questions on their nationality, phone numbers, what the Americans/British/Italians/Germans are like, and similar. Right now I'd like to look at the Zodiac.

It's often said that our personalities are influenced by our Zodiac sign. For instance, a Libran like me is supposed to be well-balanced. But is this true for every Libran?

So navigate or surf over to "Real English" Lesson 7 - "What's Your Astrological Sign?"

As you watch, make a note of the signs and the personality traits associated with each one. Then, when you've finished, watch the video again, with subtitles. Same or different? Did you learn any surprising facts?

Tip: - Click on the video title at the top of the video window, so as to open the video in YouTube and enable Full Screen. 

Question: What language is used, in English, to refer to Zodiac signs?

Write your answers to all these questions - signs and characteristics, and the language of the Zodiac - on the Tag Board or in a Comment.

P.S. You'll also find Michael Marzio's "Real English" in the list of useful sites, on the right below the Tag Board.

I look forward to reading your answers!
Have a nice day,

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back at the ranch

Hello everyone. It's that time again: new year, new students, new horizons. and new posts to this Blog, "Rome English".

It's been a long summer holiday, and I apologise for the lack of new posts.

Soonest, I'll resume with Listening Quizzes. But for now, I'd like to welcome a new Pre-Intermediate class of students.

They are a small class, and are into Mechanics, Fashion, Physiotherapy and general culture. However it is early to present them with BBC Radio listening comprehension. I'd like instead to draw their, and your, attention to a few simple aids to practising English:

1. Our class magazine, "English, Actually". It's the place to go if you want to learn about us, and practise writing. That way, you join our community.

2. The British Council's "Learn English" site. Excellent for grammar and vocabulary research, and a wide range of listening exercises. I particularly recommend "Learn English Teens" even if you are not a teenager. There is a lot of lively material.

3. "Real English", by Michael Marzio. Watch the video interviews, do the exercises and test your listening skills. Try the phone numbers lesson: write down the phone numbers, then watch again using the subtitled version.

There are, of course, links to all these sites in the column opposite, on the right. I urge you to explore this column and checkout as many websites as you can.

That's all for today. Do write a comment or a message on the Tag Board, just to introduce yourself.

More very soon!
Michael Ivy