Wednesday, March 09, 2016

You Listen: Maria Sharapova

Good day everyone. This week I bring you another opportunity to listen and understand, and it's from the BBC World Service Learning English site.

Today's exercise is about the tennis player Maria Sharapova, She failed a drug test apparently because she had not realised that the drug in question had recently been added to a list of proscribed substances. It sounds like the kind of mistake anyone could make. But there have been consequences for the tennis star.

To find out more, navigate to the BBC Learning English site and News Review Activity 1. You'll find yourself in Session 2. Scroll down the screen to Activity 1 and read the introduction. Then click on the video clip. It is just over eight minutes long.

In the clip, Neil and Finn introduce you to some new expressions. They include words commonly encountered in news reports. There are also some phrasal verbs.

Watch the clip. Then scroll down to the News Review Quiz and answer the three questions.

Then tell us all what new expressions you learned. If you can, give us both the verb and noun forms of the related expressions. Also, give us the phrasal verbs.

"Telling us" is easy: put your answers on the Tag Board (on the right) or in a Comment.

And let's have the maximum number of readers participating. Remember, this is not a long operation - the whole exercise should take no more than twenty minutes.

One last reminder. On the News Review site, there are various things that can help you. Under Session Grammar, check out the Full Grammar Reference. Under Session Vocabulary, look at the Full Vocabulary Reference.

And at the bottom of the page, look at "Downloads" - click on the word "more" Then there is "More" - just click on the expression "BBC News". I say this because the links are not in a contrasting colour, as they should be.

Good luck - and let's get more participants involved! Last time round, we only saw the ever-loyal and stalwart Filomena!

Another post very soon indeed!
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