Tuesday, February 23, 2016

6-Minute English on Interviews: The Answers

Hello all! I am sorry to have taken my time over giving you the official answers to the latest Quiz. Here they are:

  1. "I like it when an interviewer asks a question that catches the guest off-guard ." (Neil)
  2. Use open questions that elicit a long reply.
  3. Closed questions elicit a short reply.
  4. Get some juicy details.
Who developed a method of questioning around two and a half thousand years ago that aims to discover hidden truths? Was it… a) Hippocrates?  b) Socrates? c) Aristotle? 
It was Socrates! And no, that's not the Brazilian footballer.

The secret of TV host Larry King's success:
  1. Ask good questions, listen carefully to the answers.
  2. You have to make the camera disappear.
  3. Good interviewers draw back from being the centre of attention.
  4. Ask dumb or stupid questions
Many thanks are due to stalwart student Filomena for her careful replies, posted on the Tag Board. She confesses to having peeked at the transcript for a couple of answers. But hey! (as they say in the classics), it's all good contact with the language.

Another quiz is coming up soon. Meanwhile, please do explore the right-hand column of this blog for useful web sites. Report any links that don't work. And if you have any suggestions for a useful web site, let me know at once. I will be reviewing our column later.

Have a nice day!

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