Wednesday, February 10, 2016

6-Minute English: How to be a good interviewer

Hello everyone. This week's Six Minute English Quiz is about questions. Good TV chat show hosts can earn a fortune. But they need to know how to ask questions. So let's listen to Neil and Alice.

First, take a few minutes to study these quiz questions. Can you complete these:

  1. "I like it when an interviewer asks a question that _______ the guest___-____ ." (Neil)
  2. Use _______ questions that elicit a _______ reply.
  3. _______ questions elicit a _______ reply.
  4. Get some _______ _______ .

Who developed a method of questioning around two and a half thousand years ago that aims to discover hidden truths? Was it…

a) Hippocrates?  b) Socrates? c) Aristotle?

The secret of TV host Larry King's success:

  1. Ask good questions, _______ carefully to the answers.
  2. You have to make the camera _______ .
  3. Good interviewers _______ _______ from being the centre of attention.
  4. Ask _______ or stupid questions.
Now listen to the programme. Post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.
It would be great to see everyone on board here!

Official answers soon!

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