Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Six Minute English on the BBC: A Hundred Women

'Afternoon all. This week's Six Minute English is about women's rights. The BBC is starting a worldwide debate on this topic.

Today's is a vocabulary exercise, with one comprehension question. Here are the questions:

1. Official quiz question:
How many female heads of state or government do we have now, in 2015? Is it:
a) 9: b) 19 : c) 29

2. Can you complete this sentence from the programme:
"Women's magazines are mainly interested in beauty tips, fashion and ___ ___ ___ ___ ___". [Five words].

3. Vocabulary: Can you find words in the programme which mean:

(a) talked about
(b) without children
(c) unjust treatment
(d) what you are expected or not expected to do, according to your status or position in society
(e) methods of broadcasting or disseminating information
(f) at the centre of

Now listen to the programme. Then, please do send your answers to the questions above to the tag Board, or post them in a comment.

And if you want to follow the debate about women globally, go to this BBC website:

I look forward to loads of people doing this quiz and posting their answers!

More soon
All the best,


Anonymous said...

1. 19
2. How to please your man.
3. a) covered
b) childless
c) discrimination
d) role
e) air
f) at the core


Michael Ivy said...

Thanks very much indeed Agnese!

There's a problem with e Have another go. The word I am thinking of refers to methods or computer systems.