Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eight Questions for Six Minutes

Hello everyone. I have been looking at the relatively new-format Six Minute English on the BBC's Learning English site. And I thought I would share it with you and post a new Six Minute English Quiz,

The new format now allows you to see, on the same page, the list of words being discussed, and also the transcript. But I would ask you to follow this procedure:
 - First, study the questions I have posted here. 
 - Then listen to the conversation. Make a note of your answers.
 - Post your answers in a Comment or on the Tag Board. 
 - Finally, check your answers against what you see in the transcript.

So here are this week's Quiz Questions for Six Minute English. Read them first and then click on the link below to listen to Neil and Finn's conversation.

1. What's the strange thing about robots?
2. Using robots to do a task is called _____ . (one word)
3. Official question: what makes a job more likely to be done by robots? Is it:
a) manipulating small objects?
b) working in open spaces?
c) social and emotional skills?
4. Which key skill does Finn not mention? negotiation, originality, a photographic memory, persuasion, caring for others, or manual dexterity?
5. A study by Oxford University suggests that ___ per cent of existing jobs will be automated in the next ___ years. (two numbers)
6. Oxford University researcher Michael Osborne says computers are increasingly ___ ___ ___ . (three words)
7. A "white-collar" job is one that you do in an _____, not in a _____ .
8. In law firms, it is being predicted that computers will do the _____ work and the lawyers will do the _____ _____ stuff. (one, and two words)

Now listen to the conversation. Post your answers in a Comment or on the Tag board on the right. I'll give you the official answers at the end of the week - but you can see these for yourselves anyway.

And I hope that you will all take part in the Quiz! The first person who completes the Quiz successfully - I'll take him or her out for an apero!

Good luck and more soon!


Daniele Ristori said...

1) They talk in a funny way.

2) Automation.

3) Manipulating small objects.

4) Photographic memory.

5) 35%, 20.


7) Office/ Factory.

8) Boring/ More interesting.

Mike said...

Many thanks Daniele!
Let's see how many more people respond to this Quiz.