Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First post this academic year: welcome to September 2015

Hello everyone.

Welcome back to the English language classroom. As regular readers know, this blog is dedicated to students of English. It's a guide to how the Internet can help you learn more.

We particularly concentrate on Listening skills. Becoming a good listener takes time and dedication. But the Rome English blog is here to encourage you.

To get you going, here are three useful sites:

1) The British Council's Learn English site for Adults

Listen to the Elementary Podcasts.

2) The British Council's Learn English for Teens.

Don't let the word 'teens' put you off. There is something here for everyone. Explore this site, but also check out "Skills"/"Listening Skills" on the menu.

3) The BBC's "Learning English" site.

Six Minute Grammar, The English We Speak, Adverb Position 2 - these are just some of the ways in which this site can help you.

In my next post we'll concentrate on a specific area of comprehension. Watch this space!

More soon,

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