Thursday, February 12, 2015

Last year's Six Minute English Quiz: The Answers At Last!

Hello to all our readers. First of all I must apologise for this post being, on 12 February, my first since 20 December! My excuse must be that the beginning of 2015 has been exceptionally busy. I am very sorry about this and I plan, from now on, to add at least one post a fortnight, and hopefully more often than that.

Now, I must give you the answers to the quiz about Superheroes. Here they are:

1. What year did Superman first appear published in a comic? It was (c) in 1938

2. And he was originally a villain - that is, the bad guy.

3. Superheroes in real life are people who do something [good].

4. What does the Japanese superhero do? He makes his fellow-citizens [happy].

5. Why does he do it? He says that, after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, that he wanted ["to bring the smile back (to people's faces)".]

6. Interestingly, real life superheroes keep their identity [a closely guarded/secret].

7. Another Japanese man is considered a hero because he [volunteers to keep Tokyo's streets cleaner].

An honourable mention naturally goes to Filomena, Manola and Federica for taking part in our Quiz. Many thanks!

And in a few days' time I'll post another Quiz.

Finally, a very happy New Year 2015 - even if it is a little late.
Michael Ivy

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