Saturday, December 06, 2014

How Quickly Can You Learn English? The Answers

Hello everyone. Here at last are the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz. See below:

1. The percentage of the British population speaks a first language that is not English is (b) 7.7%!

2. The main method of learning in the 21st century seems to be Online.

3. Rob and Finn suggest you spend 15 minutes a day on the BBC's new English course.

4. Richard Hallows says that to get better at English quickly:
First..." you've got to have a good range of grammar and vocabulary."
Also..."you need to think about pronunciation."
But don't try to ..."be like a native English speaker. You don't have to have a native accent."

5. The level you need before the UK government will give you citizenship is ESOL Entry 3 or B1 level.

6. You need about 360 hours of study to get to that level from not knowing anything.

7. Motivation and age are two factors can affect your ability to learn English easily.

Honourable mentions this week go to Elisa, Filomena, Manola, Federica and Riccardo. Many thanks to you all. That's a good turnout - but with so many readers out there, it should be much, much more.

Look out for the next quiz, and advice! 

Have a very nice weekend, especially if you are on holiday on Monday, 8 December.


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