Thursday, November 06, 2014

Six Minute English - and other essential websites

Hello everyone. Below this post you'll see the latest Six Minute English Quiz. You have until Saturday to view it and answer the questions. After that, I'll post the official answers. I am very happy to see that last year's student, Manola, has already answered some of the questions.

I'd love it if more people could join us. That way, we can form an interactive community of learners. Do use the Tag Board to post general comments as well as answers to the Listening Quizzes.

Now for a reminder of useful websites for you. There is a long list on the right of this message. Just scroll down the page and click on any, or all of them. Top of the list have to be: the British Council's Learn English (don't neglect the Learn English Teens site which, even if you are not a teenager, has some useful material); the BBC's Learning English and Michael Marzio's Real English. I'll be adding more sites in the near future.

More very soon. Meanwhile why don't you post a very brief presentation of yourself on the Tag Board? Brief means a maximum of two hundred characters, but it's enough to give a good idea of who you are.

Have a nice day!

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Fabiana said...

Hi Mike!
I just answered but i'm not sure if my comment arrived.
2) very high
3)make inaxpecting changes in the patient's body
4)informed consent
5).... or take to court