Saturday, November 22, 2014

How quickly can you learn English?

That's what this week's Six Minute English Quiz is about. It's a fascinating question for us. As usual, however, the answer depends on many things. Right now, read the questions and then click on the link below to listen. But please don't read the transcript before you have listened to the conversation and tried to answer the questions.

Here's the first, official question:
1. According the last UK census taken in 2011, what percentage of the British population speaks a first language that is not English?
(a)    1.7%; (b)    7.7%; (c)    14.7% ?
More questions:
2. What seems to be the main method of learning in the 21st century?
3. How much time daily do Rob and Finn suggest you spend on the BBC's new English course?
4. What does the expert Richard Hallows say you need to get better at English quickly? Try to add to the following first words to make sentences that complete the advice:
"But don't try to ..."
5. What level do you need before the UK government will give you citizenship?
6. How many hours of study to you need to get to that level from not knowing anything?
7. What two factors can affect your ability to learn English easily?
Now click on the link and then on the 'play' control to start the recording.
I hope that as many people as possible - current and past students - will take part in this exercise. You are all strongly encouraged to post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. I'll post the official answers in a few days' time.
That's all for now! More soon,


Federica said...

1. b) 7.7%
2. Online. Tecnology is an help.
3. 15 minutes a day.
4. You need to have a good range of vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, don’t try to sound like a native.
5. b1 level.
6. 360 hours.
7. Motivation and age.

Bye, Federica

Anonymous said...

I'm Riccardo

3:About 15 minutes a day
4:First have a good range of words
Also a better grammar
But don't try to speack like a native
5:Esol B1
7:Age and motivation

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