Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Six Minute English: The Ebola Outbreak

Hello everyone. This is a Six Minute English programme from the end of last August. But the Ebola outbreak is now very much in the news. Let's listen to this programme to find out more and do the quiz at the same time.

Quiz question no. 1: The virus Ebola got its name after a river in the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But when was it discovered? Was it in:

a) 1966; b) 1976 or c) 1986?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

2. The mortality rate from Ebola is _____ _____ . (two words)

3. Use of experimental or untested drugs is risky because they .... .

4. Patients must give their '_____ _____ ' before untested drugs can be used to treat them.

5. Patients must sign a 'waiver' which means that they agree not to _____ or take _____ _____ if the drug does not work, or even makes them worse.

Now listen to the programme. Then answer the questions by using the Tag Board or the Comments form. Come in everybody - the more people who take part, the better for our learning community!

Learn English on the BBC is changing. I'll have more about this in my next post.

More soon,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boredom: The Answers

Hello everyone. I am sorry to have been away for over a month! It has been a busy time. Now, however, I can give you the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz:

1. Do you know how long the cast for The Bald Soprano was on stage for? Was it for about:

It was c) 23 hours! Aaagghhh!

2. Finn often dreams of something more exciting, such as becoming [a professional diver] or [a pilot of a really fast plane].

3. American fighter pilot Missy Cummings said she staved off boredom by [listening to Oprah Winfrey shows]

4. Tiffany Watts-Smith says boredom is a [very] [useful] emotion because it [spurs people on to change something about their environment.]

5.She says it [encourages creativity].

6. Finn says he's going to [stave off] his boredom by booking himself a [fantastic holiday], maybe in [Patagonia, Argentina] to see the [penguins].

You can still answer these questions, in a comment or on the Tag Board:

(a) What things, people or situations make you bored?
(b) How do you cope with boredom?

Another Quiz soon! Meanwhile, keep visiting this page and practising your listening skills.

Goodbye for now!