Thursday, September 04, 2014

Welcome to September 2014

Dear all,

Welcome back to Rome English in September 2014. A new year dawns. More on this in the next post but my first job is to give you the answers to July's Six Minute English Quiz on Attractive Men. Here they are:

1. (Official): How long is the first stage of the Tour de France? b) 191 km is correct!] 2. Rob enjoys cycling for fun, as a hobby and as a workout to keep fit. 3. Finn bought a bike but he stopped cycling when he got a flat tyre. 4. Dr. Erik Postma of Zurich University found that the best 10 per cent of riders were 25 per cent more attractive to women than the worst ten per cent. 5. Men are seen as more attractive when they are healthy, physically fit and successful. 6. The study also showed that women fancy men with good sporting skills. 7. How many women were asked to evaluate male cyclists? 800 8. What characteristic in men was rated as 'likeable but not attractive'? Smiling

Many thanks to Manola and Federica for their kind participation.

Keep coming back to this space for more quizzes, updates and advice.
And I hope you all had an excellent summer holiday. I certainly did.

More very soon,

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