Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Boredom is a very creative state" Discuss.

OK, you can discuss the title later - after doing the latest Six Minute English Quiz. Here it is.

If you often feel bored, it's quite normal. Everybody experiences boredom at some time, some people more than others. In this episode of Six Minute English, we begin with a question on a potentially very boring theatre performance:

1. Do you know how long the cast for The Bald Soprano was on stage for? Was it for about:
a) 8 hours: b) 17 hours: c) 23 hours

You'll find out the answer at the end of the programme.

Now read the other questions.
2. Finn often dreams of something more exciting, such as becoming a ..... or a .....
3. American fighter pilot Missy Cummings said she staved off boredom by .....
4. Tiffany Watts-Smith says boredom is a .... emotion because it .....
5.She says it .....
6. Finn says he's going to ..... his boredom by booking himself a ..... , maybe in .....  to see the ..... .
And now, listen to the programme. Post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. I'd love evrybody to take part!

Do you have children, or do you know any? If yes, read the advice of the expert who says boredom is actually good for children, surprising though this may seem.

That's all for now! You have a week to listen and answer the questions. Fill the gaps in the sentences above with what you understand from the programme. I look forward to reading your answers.

Finally, can you answer these questions, in a comment or on the Tag Board:

(a) What things, people or situations make you bored?
(b) How do you cope with boredom?
(c) "Boredom is a very creative state". Discuss.

Goodbye for now!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Express English

Hello everyone.

Later this week I will post another Six Minute English Quiz. For newcomers to this Blog, Six-Minute English is a short discussion between two people on a particular topic. It is on the BBC World Service 'Learning English' site and lasts for six minutes. I post a series of comprehension questions here. You listen to the programme, and then post your answers to the quiz questions on our Blog.

For the next few days, however, why not look at 'Express English'? It's also on the BBC. Here, various people talk for under a minute on a particular topic. You are then asked to post your comments on the BBC's site. However, I suggest that you post your comments here on the 'Rome English' Blog.

Here's an example: Dreams. Listen to other people talking about their dreams, read the comments that people have posted, and then post your own comments here. Use either the 'Comments' page or the Tag Board at the top of the right-hand column.

In some countries dreams are taken very seriously and are analysed in an effort to find out about the future. Are dreams part of your culture? 

And another one: Jealousy. Have you ever been jealous? What colour do you associate with jealousy? In England, green is the colour of envy. But what is the difference between envy and jealousy?

Once again, do post your ideas on our 'Rome English' site. I look forward to as many people writing in as possible!

More very soon!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Welcome to September 2014

Dear all,

Welcome back to Rome English in September 2014. A new year dawns. More on this in the next post but my first job is to give you the answers to July's Six Minute English Quiz on Attractive Men. Here they are:

1. (Official): How long is the first stage of the Tour de France? b) 191 km is correct!] 2. Rob enjoys cycling for fun, as a hobby and as a workout to keep fit. 3. Finn bought a bike but he stopped cycling when he got a flat tyre. 4. Dr. Erik Postma of Zurich University found that the best 10 per cent of riders were 25 per cent more attractive to women than the worst ten per cent. 5. Men are seen as more attractive when they are healthy, physically fit and successful. 6. The study also showed that women fancy men with good sporting skills. 7. How many women were asked to evaluate male cyclists? 800 8. What characteristic in men was rated as 'likeable but not attractive'? Smiling

Many thanks to Manola and Federica for their kind participation.

Keep coming back to this space for more quizzes, updates and advice.
And I hope you all had an excellent summer holiday. I certainly did.

More very soon,