Friday, July 18, 2014

Six Minute English: What kind of men do women find attractive?

Hello everyone!

it's the Tour de France right now - possibly the biggest cycling event in Europe along with the Giro d'Italia. And it began, strangely, in Leeds in the UK, not in France.

Although I would not personally want to be a competition cyclist, I follow both the Tour and the Giro occasionally. And I have found an interesting piece on the BBC's 'Six Minute English' in which Rob and Finn discuss the question of whether women really find winning cyclists more attractive than other men, as some research suggests. 

Read the following questions and then listen to the programme:

1. (Official): How long is the first stage of the Tour de France? Is it: a) 151 km; b) 191 km; c) 221 km ? 

2. Rob enjoys cycling for [____], as a [_____] and as a [____] to keep [____].

3. Finn bought a bike but he stopped cycling when he got ___ ___ ___ (three words)

4. Dr. Erik Postma of Zurich University found that the [___] 10 per cent of riders were [____] more attractive to  women than the [____] ten per cent.

5. Men are seen as more attractive when they are [___], [___ ___] and [____].

6. The study also showed that women [___] men with good [___ ___].

7. How many women were asked to evaluate male cyclists? (Give a short answer.)

8. What characteristic in men was rated as 'likeable but not attractive'? [____]

Now listen to the programme and post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. Let's hope lots of people reply - the more, the merrier!

Today is my last day at work before the summer holidays. I'll be back regularly on 1 September. But I'll drop in to 'Rome English' from time to time. Watch this space!

And have a very good time wherever you are!



Federica said...
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Federica said...

1. 191 km
2. [fan] [hobby] [work out] [fit]
3. a flat tyre
4. [best] [considered] [worst]
5.[healthy] [physically fit] [successful]
6.[fancy] [sporting skills]
7. 800 women
8. [smiling]