Monday, July 14, 2014

Brazilian Music: The Answers

Hello readers! I can now post the official answers to the recent Six Minute English Quiz on Brazilian Music:. Rob was talking to Brazilian music expert Grace.

1. This week's Question:
When was the song 'The Girl from Ipanema' recorded commercially for the first time? It was: b) 1962.

The story goes that poet and composer Vinicus De Moraes wrote the song in honour of a real girl whom he used to observe walking along the beach at Ipanema every evening at sunset wearing only a bikini and high-heeled shoes. They were even together briefly; her parents disapproved of their relationship because Vinicius was much older than she was.

2. Rob definitely sings out of tune.

3. How does Monica Vasconcelos compare 'samba' and 'bossanova'? Samba is very energetic and full of life while bossanova is smoother, more understated.

4. Bossanova composers were into beauty.

5. The bossanova 'groove' is cool, funky and smooth.

6. What effect has rock-and-roll had on Brazilian music? It has flattened and simplified its rhythms.

7. For Rob, travelling is all about hearing local music, discovering local food, things that are different from things back at home.

Many thanks to all participants: Giovanni, Manola, Federica, Ada and Giovanni Prelli. I have removed one comment because it bore no relation to our Quiz.

I will be posting another Quiz very soon. Meanwhile, improve your listening skills by returning to this Blog every day and choosing a listening site such as the British Council's Learn English, the BBC's Learning English, and Real English by American teacher in France, Michael Marzio. Among many others.

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