Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Six Minute English: Brazilian Music

Good day readers! The world's focussing on Brazil right now. But away from the football pitches, what do you know about Brazil's people and culture? Here's a chance to find out more on the BBC's Six Minute English. This week, Rob is talking to Grace from Brazil and exploring some of the history of Brazilian music.

As always, study the questions, then listen to the programme, and finally post your answers on the Tag Board or in a comment. 

Here are this week's questions:

1. When was the song 'The Girl from Ipanema' recorded commercially for the first time? Was it: (a) 1955: (b) 1962; c) 1969.

2. Rob says he definitely sings ___ ___ ___ . 

3. How does Monica Vasconcelos compare 'samba' and 'bossanova'? 

4. Bossanova composers were into ___ .

5. The bossanova 'groove' is ___, ___ and ___ .

6. What effect has rock-and-roll had on Brazilian music? 

7. For Rob, travelling is all about ....

Now listen to the programme and then post your answers. Don't forget to check out the useful new vocabulary in the special section below the BBC's link to the program.

And it would be absolutely fantastic if as many readers as possible could actively participate. Last week there were seven of you, but there could be many more. Remember, you don't have to be a current student to join in. Even if you were with us some years ago, your participation is most welcome.

More very soon!


Federica said...

1. 1962.
2. Out of tune.
3. Samba is very energetic and full of life and bossa nova is smoother and more understated.
4. Beauty.
5. Cool, funky and smooth.
6. A flattening of the local grooves.
7. Discovering, hearing local music, discovering local foods, things that are different fromthings that are back at home.

Bye Miachael, thank you

neo maxwell said...
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Anonymous said...

Ada Mariggi├▓:
2)out of tune
3)Samba is very energetic and full of life and bossa nova is smoother and understated
5)cool, funky and smooth
6)a flattening of the local grooves
7)hearing local music, discovering local foods

Gianluca Perelli said...

1: 1962.

2: Out of tune

3: She says Samba is energetic and full of life, Bossa nova is Smoother

4: Beauty

5: Cool, Smooth

6: of Flattening

7: Discovering local food and music

Ma cosa significa in Italiano: a simplifying of more complex local music that has happened as a result of rock and pop influence coming in through globalisation.??

Bye From Gianluca see you soon