Thursday, May 15, 2014

Murders in Iceland: Did They Happen?

Here's a real life mystery for you which I found on the BBC today.

It's about two people who disappeared many years ago in Iceland. Several people were arrested for their murders. And although they could not remember doing anything, they confessed and as a result spent years in prison. How was this possible?

Read the story and watch the videos, which are almost entirely in English. Then share your reactions with us. What do you think really happened?

On another subject, there is still time for you to listen to Six Minute English on 'Dark Tourism'. See the previous post. Many thanks to Federica, Filomena, Manola and Marcello, who have already done the Quiz. So can you! We look forward to your answers.

More later this week.


Anonymous said...

Please do write your reactions to the Icelandic murder saga here. It's very easy.

- Mike

Anonymous said...

The article is difficult for me. And I saw the video but I understoond a few words.

Yesterday I red and I had to translate a lot of words. I think the article tell the police system of Iceland.

Many years ago two men disappeared in a few months. They were different. A young man, 18 years old, a casual worker that was walking on the road.

A man, 32 years old who was called to the phone and he left the house where he lived with his family, two children, he never come back. He had some friends.

The men disappeared in 1974. At the first of the article tells the landscape of the Reykjavik.

The article tells of the police detective who investigated and tells of the confessions of five men and one woman who were considerate responsible.

A detective said that the police were “under enormous pressure to solve these two disappearances”.

Almost two years after the first disappearance were arrested one man and his girlfriend.

They and their friends were arrested after were long interviews, without a lawyer being present, they were kept in isolation. The police told their that this condition could be for many months or years.

They told something but there was no evidence.

They were taken out at least 60 separate occasion to look for two victims.

On 2 february 1977 the minister of justice said “the nation’s nigtmare” was over.

Although there have been many superficial things in investigations.

One man was sentenced to death. Other five were sentenced to prison.

One wrote the diary in prison.

The article told what they lived after the prison.

They during their imprisonment said that it’s impossible that they have killed someone.

One man who is one of the world’s leading experts on false memory syndrome says Gudjon’s diary is one of the clearest example of it he has come across.

He said of the mistake of the justice in UK.

He studied photographs and documents of the interrogation.

Tryggvi spent the longest solitary confinement a total of 655 days.

The case needed to be reviewed. Also the report investigated and wrote the article of this story.

The Iceland government announced its committee into the police investigation.

After 40 years isn’t sure that the five men and one woman were the liability.