Saturday, May 03, 2014

Keep On Listening

Hello everyone. It's a pleasant Saturday afternoon here in Rome and I am heading out of the office in a very few minutes.

As soon as possible, I will post another Six Minute English Quiz. I won't say what it's about, but it will have something for everyone.

Meanwhile, a student said she had found TED extremely helpful. TED - Technology, Education and .... I can't remember what the D stands for - shows presentations on a wide range of topics. The subtitle is "Ideas Worth Spreading". If you find a talk difficult, you can see the transcript to help you follow it.

This afternoon I was watching the incredibly versatile playwright and actress Sarah Jones. She can speak in any number of different accents. This is very useful indeed if you're learning English. Remember that many of the English conversations you have will be with people whose first language is not English. Therefore it is vital to get used to a wide variety of accents.

To see TED, click here... and happy listening. I will be back again very soon.

Have a very good weekend. Yours,

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