Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'Dark Tourism': The answers

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Many thanks to those of you who have participated recently in this Blog. We've had two quests on the go at once: one on 'Dark Tourism', the other, on an equally dark subject: the disappearance of two people in Iceland many years ago, and the subsequent investigations and trials. But for now, let's focus on 'Dark Tourism'.

Here then are the answers to the 'Dark Tourism' quiz. Rob and Neil were speaking on this programme.

1) – Official question: Robben Island in South Africa is one dark tourism destination. It's where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Do you know in which year it finally closed as a prison?
The right answer is b) 1996.
2) In ‘dark’ tourism, travellers visit places associated with death, brutality and terror.
3) Rob has been to Auschwitz, in Poland.
4) Next month Rob is going to Chernobyl, the site of a catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986.
5) What does Dr Philip Stone say about why ‘dark tourism’ is popular? "‘Dark tourism’ isn’t new. It’s human nature to be drawn to these places. It partly depends on how it is packaged by the tourist industry."
6) In Latvia, you can stay in a former prison and pay to be treated like a prisoner.
7) In Vietnam you can crawl around war tunnels while people fire guns outside.
8) At a ‘dark tourist’ site, what kind of behaviour might be acceptable, and what might not? OK to take photographs, but probably not a ‘selfie’.
9) When visiting some ‘dark tourist’ sites, what would you not write on a postcard? “Wish you were here”.
Very many thanks to Federica, Arthur, Simona, Giovanni, Marcello, Manola and Filomena. That's a record total of seven respondents this time!
In a few days' time I'll post another Six Minute English Quiz. Meanwhile, to practise listening, why not visit TED? (Technology, Entertainment and Design). Currently there is an interesting talk about "Why Veterans Miss War". In addition, there are some short 3-minute talks on subjects ranging from "8 Secrets of Success" to "How to Tie Your Shoes".
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