Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Men's and Women's Brains. The Answers

Hello folks. Many many thanks to those of you who took part in the current Six Minute English Quiz.

Those who also posted their answers, whether on the Tag Board or in a Comment, deserve a special mention. They are:

Manola, Federica, Arthur, Antonella, Maria Teresa and Filomena.

And here are the answers:

1. How much does the average human brain weigh? (a) 1.4 kg is the right answer.

2. The Pennsylvania team examined the brains of nearly one thousand men and women.

3. The researcher says that in men, the connections run strongest within each hemisphere of the brain, while in women, the connections are stronger when they are between the two sides of the brain.

4. The result is that men are better at learning and performing a single task while women are better at multitasking or doing several things at once.

5. Women are better at remembering words and faces and information about other people.

6. Women also have longer attention spans.

7. Albert Einstein's brain weighed 1.2 kg.

Thanks once again to all those who took part. Later this week I will post another Quiz.

Here are two more important Web sites. The first is "News In Levels". Each piece of current news is presented in three different levels: Level 1 is Elementary: level 2, Intermediate, is for those who have been studying English for three to five years, while Level 3 is for advanced learners who have been studying for six years or more.

The second is a blog by a student of English here in Rome. It's called "Runaway Daydreamer" and it's by Chiara, who is an Upper-Intermediate student of English. She created her blog, she tells us, to keep herself motivated to continue learning, studying and practising English. Come and visit her blog!

And here's an update on our class magazine, "English, Actually". Come and fill in your personal profile here.

More again very soon!


Chiara said...

The answers to this quiz are really interesting! I look forward to reading another quiz like this one.

Thank you again for linking my blog!

Michael Ivy said...

Many thanks for your kind appreciation Chiara! Check out "English Actually" - I have been updating it.