Saturday, March 22, 2014

The News: Listening and/or Watching It

Good afternoon all. Here's a suggestion on how to practise your listening skills. This comes to you through a site someone told me about last Friday.

It's called "News In Levels" and it introduces news broadcasts to students of English. You can go directly to it here - the web site will open in a new window.

Test your level of English, and then try some news exercises.

Then - and this is very important - post a message in a Comment or on the Tag Board to tell us what you think of this site.

As I always say - all contact with English is good contact, and this is especially true of Listening.

Many thanks to Carmen for this idea. If any of you have any web sites you would recommend, send them to me immediately!

Many thanks and have a good weekend.
PS - Another Quiz Coming Soon!

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