Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About Drinking: The Answers

Dear All,
I was very heartened to see some fresh responses to the latest Six Minute English Quiz on Drinking. There have been some good answers in the last few days, since the Ides of March.

So as promised, here are the answers:

1. This week's official question, as on the BBC web site: What is the most popular pub name? a) The Red Lion - 518 pubs of this name in Britain.

2. What was unusual about the pub Neil used to drink in? [Personal service: they bought the drinks to you.]

3. What does Rob dislike about modern pubs? [They are too bright and loud, and the drinks are expensive.]

4. A 'saloon' is a drinking place you might find in ... [an old cowboy movie]

5. What was unusual about the pub Rob found in Sweden? [Everything was made of ice.]

6. Where is the highest Irish pub in the world? [On the slopes of Mount Everest.]

7. How does the BBC reporter describe the pub he went to in Greenland? [It was like a 'bunker', and with very sparse furniture.]

8. Why is only beer served at the pub in Greenland? [Because of the 'quite astonishing levels of consumption' of spirits by the local population.]

The roll of honour listing those who took part in this quiz: 
Federica, Maria Theresa, Gianluca, Manola, Roberta, Filomena.

Very many thanks to you all. Look out for the next Six Minute English Quiz, coming later this week. Let's see if even more people can come on board!

More soonest!

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