Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Six Minute English: Men's and Women's Brains. Are they Different?

We're going to find out in this week's Six Minute English exercises. Are men better at reading maps? Can women park cars? 

First read the questions, then listen to Finn and Rob of the BBC's 'Learning English' team.

First, the 'official' question:

How much does the average human brain weigh? Is it:
(a) 1.4 kg; (b) 2.2 kg; (c) 3.6 kg ?

You'll hear the right answer at the end of the programme.

Here are some more questions. If you see dots (...) put in an appropriate expression. If there is a space [____] or [_____ _____], insert one word for each ___ .

2. The Pennsylvania team examined the brains of nearly [_____ _____] men and women.

3. The researcher says that in men, the connections run strongest [_____] each hemisphere of the brain, while in women, the connections are stronger when they are [_____] the two sides of the brain.

4. The result is that men are better at .... while women are better at ....

5. Women are better at remembering ....

6. Women also have longer [_____ _____ .]

7. Abert Einstein's brain weighed [_____]

Now listen to the programme and send us your answers by using either the Tag Board or the Comments.

And let's see how many people take part. Last time was almost a record - six. But I know that there are dozens of regular readers of this Blog. I would love to see many more of them listening to the quiz and writing in with their answers.

You can also post a message any time on anything connected with using the Net to discover English. This would make the Rome English Blog a real community of language learners.

More very soon! Yours,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The News: Listening and/or Watching It

Good afternoon all. Here's a suggestion on how to practise your listening skills. This comes to you through a site someone told me about last Friday.

It's called "News In Levels" and it introduces news broadcasts to students of English. You can go directly to it here - the web site will open in a new window.

Test your level of English, and then try some news exercises.

Then - and this is very important - post a message in a Comment or on the Tag Board to tell us what you think of this site.

As I always say - all contact with English is good contact, and this is especially true of Listening.

Many thanks to Carmen for this idea. If any of you have any web sites you would recommend, send them to me immediately!

Many thanks and have a good weekend.
PS - Another Quiz Coming Soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About Drinking: The Answers

Dear All,
I was very heartened to see some fresh responses to the latest Six Minute English Quiz on Drinking. There have been some good answers in the last few days, since the Ides of March.

So as promised, here are the answers:

1. This week's official question, as on the BBC web site: What is the most popular pub name? a) The Red Lion - 518 pubs of this name in Britain.

2. What was unusual about the pub Neil used to drink in? [Personal service: they bought the drinks to you.]

3. What does Rob dislike about modern pubs? [They are too bright and loud, and the drinks are expensive.]

4. A 'saloon' is a drinking place you might find in ... [an old cowboy movie]

5. What was unusual about the pub Rob found in Sweden? [Everything was made of ice.]

6. Where is the highest Irish pub in the world? [On the slopes of Mount Everest.]

7. How does the BBC reporter describe the pub he went to in Greenland? [It was like a 'bunker', and with very sparse furniture.]

8. Why is only beer served at the pub in Greenland? [Because of the 'quite astonishing levels of consumption' of spirits by the local population.]

The roll of honour listing those who took part in this quiz: 
Federica, Maria Theresa, Gianluca, Manola, Roberta, Filomena.

Very many thanks to you all. Look out for the next Six Minute English Quiz, coming later this week. Let's see if even more people can come on board!

More soonest!