Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Six Minute English: About drinking

Hello everyone. In this edition of Six Minute English, Rob and Neil talk about different drinking places round the world.

Read the questions first:

1. Official question:
What is the most popular pub name? Is it:
a) The Red Lion; (b) The Crown; (c) The Royal Oak?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

2. What was unusual about the pub Neil used to drink in?

3. What does Rob dislike about modern pubs?

4. A 'saloon' is a drinking place you might find in ... [Complete the sentence]

5. What was unusual about the pub Rob found in Sweden? 

6. Where is the highest Irish pub in the world? 

7. How does the BBC reporter describe the pub he went to in Greenland? 

8. Why is only beer served at the pub in Greenland? 

Now listen to the programme. Then write your answers in a Comment or on the Tag Board. I hope as many people as possible listen and write their answers. That way, we create a community of listeners and learners.

Many thanks in advance.


Federica said...

1 - a) The Red Lion+

2 – A pub where you got personal service they brought the drink to you.

3 - He’is not so keen on bright, loud and modern bars where the drinks are expensive.

4 - … an old cowboy film.

5 - The pub was completely made of ice, even the glasses were made of ice.

6 - On the Mount Everest.

7 - A windowless bunker where country and western music plays whilst local men and women, mostly dressed in tracksuits, woolly hats and hiking boots, sit almost silently around the sparse collection of ripped banquettes and wobbly wooden chairs.

8 – Because spirits were completely banned, people drank too much of it.


Mike said...

Many thanks Federica! Let us see if anyone else responds to this Quiz.