Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Social Class on Six Minute English: The Answers.

Good evening all. You'll have noticed that over a month has gone by since my last post. My excuse must be that I have been moving house.

Most people find this a stressful experience and my case has been no exception. However the job is almost over bar a few details.

And now for the answers to last month's Six Minute English Quiz. Here they are:

1) What class do Rob and Neil think they are? [Middle class]

2) Rob says that their class consists of people who are [well-educated], who have [good jobs] and who are [neither very rich nor very poor].

3) Rob says that his social class is expanding. And his question is, how many people will it contain, worldwide, by 2030? Will there be (a) 2.9 billion (b) 3.9 billion or (c) 4.9 billion? 

(c) is correct 4.9 billion.
4) In Rob and Neil’s social class, people typically have:

- their own car

- their own house
5) Rob says the most important thing in this class of society is to have [disposable income].
6) The United Nations definition of this social class is someone who earns between [ten] and [a hundred] dollars a day. 7) In which part of the world is Rob and Neil’s social class expanding the fastest? Asia.
8) According to John Sudworth, the BBC’s man in China, many Chinese farmers are being transformed from [workers] to [consumers]
9) What has Rob recently bought with his credit card? [A new carpet, a pair of jeans and a train ticket.]
10) What are Rob and Neil ‘not looking forward to’? (in other words, are not anticipating in future with any pleasure) [Their credit card bills]
11) In China, how many vehicles (cars, vans, trucks etc) are sold every hour? [two thousand five hundred]
12) What could happen if people borrow too much money? [There could be a credit crunch.]

Many, many thanks to those of you who participated in this Quiz. They include: Roberta, Arturo, Federica, Mauro, Alessio Cellucci and Fotini.

Watch out for the next Quiz. I'll post it before I go away for my Christmas holiday in the UK next Monday.

And keep returning to our Rome English Blog for more help on how to use the Internet to learn and practise English - especially listening.

More soonest,


Fotini said...

wish you, to enjoy the new house!!!

I dont know how to express it in English so i am going to tell you in greek: καλορίζικο !!!

Michael said...

Many thanks Fotini!