Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going Where The Work Is: The answers

My friends,

Please accept my apologies for the long delay in publishing the answers to the last Six Minute English Quiz. But in fairness, it took that long for people to listen and post their answers to the questions! :-(

Many thanks, however, to those people who posted their answers. And here are the official answers:

1. This week's question:
According to figures from the United Nations, which one of these countries has the largest number of immigrants as a percentage of its national population? Is it:
a) United States of America -  no - only 12 per cent.
b) Qatar correct - 75 per cent
c) Turkey no mention here. But Turkey has a lot of immigrants, many, tragically, refugees from the civil war in Syria.
2. Where did Jennifer go to work, and what did she do? She went to France to teach English.
3. Worldwide, how many people are international migrants? About two hundred and fourteen million.
4. What jobs do many of these people do, and in which countries? health care in the UK; chefs in Belgium; psychologists in Norway; accountants in Ireland, Greece and other countries affected by the financial crisis; electronic engineers in France and Brazil.

5. Why is the ‘brain drain’ a problem for developing countries? Because those countries are losing skilled people who are badly needed at home.

6. Many migrants work in order to send ….. ’money to family back at home’.

7. Worldwide, how much money was sent home to developing countries last year by migrants? About four hundred billion US dollars.

8. In Australia, what do you need to collect in order to obtain a working visa? Points.

9. If the streets of a country a migrant moves to are not exactly ‘paved with gold’, how can a migrant benefit anyway? He or she can at least get work experience.

Once again, a round of applause to Elisa, Giulia and Maura for posting your answers in the Comments section. Very many thanks to you for making our site interactive.

One correction is necessary though: check the exact number in the answer to question 3! Can you hear the difference between fourteen and forty? It's very important to practise this and get it right.

That's all for now. Many thanks for your contribution, and I will be back very soon.

Have a very nice day,

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