Monday, September 23, 2013

Going Where The Work Is: this Week's 6-Minute English Quiz.

Hello readers. This week we are treating a long-standing problem: what do you do if there is no job for you?

As is well known, Italians, especially the young and well qualified, have been facing this problem for years. A typical example is a former student who had a good-sounding job in IT here in Rome. His level in English was pre-intermediate. This did not deter him from trying his chances in London. Four years on, he and his girl-friend are still there. Stefano has a good IT job in the City of London, designing software to manage automatic telling machines (ATMs) in banks. His job in Rome was 'precario', in other words, short-term and uncertain. In London, he has a proper contract and good pay.

So now we are going to hear a general discussion about emigration world-wide. As usual, read the questions first. Then listen to the programme, with Rob and Jennifer speaking, and send us your answers. Use the Tag board on the right, or a Comment. I very much hope as many people as possible will join in, leave their answers, and make our site interactive. You need only give short answers.

1. This week's official question: According to figures from the United Nations, which one of these countries has the largest number of immigrants as a percentage of its national population? Is it:

a) the United States of America b) Qatar c) Turkey.

Listen to the programme to find out the answer, which you’ll hear at the end.

2. Where did Jennifer go to work, and what did she do?

3. Worldwide, how many people are international migrants?

4. What jobs do many of these people do, and in which countries?

5. Why is the ‘brain drain’ a problem for developing countries?

6. Many migrants work in order to send ….. [Complete with a phrase expressing the idea.]

7. Worldwide, how much money was sent home to developing countries last year by migrants?

8. In Australia, what do you need to collect in order to obtain a working visa?

9. If the streets of a country a migrant moves to are not exactly ‘paved with gold’, how can a migrant benefit anyway?

Now listen to the programme. Post your answers on the Tag Board on the right, or in a Comment. If you choose 'Comment', please choose the Name/URL option, entering only your name. If you choose 'Anonymous', please write your name at the end of your message so that we know who you are. You need only put your first name; add your surname if you wish.

Enjoy the quiz - and more very soon!


elisa said...

b) Qatar
Jennifer went to work in France. She taught English. After she came back to England
Two hundred and forty million
Dentist, doctor, nurses to UK/Australia
Belgium needs for chefs
Norway needs for Psychoanalyst
Brazil and France need for electronic engineer
Because people with high skills leave the country and sometimes they don’t came back
…to send money to family back at home
Four hundred billion of USA dollars
In Australia, the government give point to people with skills that are needed in the country
A brain gain

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giulia said...


2) When Jennifer was a student she moves to France to teach English.

3)Two hundred and forty million people.

4)In Uk and Australia they need doctors dentists and nurses, in Belgium they need chefs, in Norway they need psychologists, in Brazil and France they need electronics engineers.

5)Because skill people are living to work to rich country.

6)Many migrants work in order to send money to family back at home.

7)Last year four hundred billions USdollar of this money was being send back to developing countries.

8)In Australia to obtein a working visa, the people must accumulate points to improve their skill.



Anonymous said...

1- United States of America;

2- When she was a student she moved to France to teach english, but she live in UK now;

3- two hundred forty people;

4- Poeple move to UK and Australia to work as dentists, doctors and nurses. Belgium needs chefs, other countries need psicologists. Brazil look for electronic engeniers;

5- Skilled people are leaving to work in richer counties;

6- .... money to family back at home;

7- four hundred billion USA dollars;

8- In Australia point ..... to people skills that are needed in a country;

9- they leave to another country or they come back at home???

Maura F.

Federica said...

1) Qatar
2) Jennifer went to France to teach English
3) 214 million
4) In UK and Australia doctors, nurses, in Belgium chefs, Brazil and France electronic engineers, Norway psycologist.
5) Because they lose skill people
6) To send money back family at home
7) 400 billion Us dollars
8) They need collect points

fotini said...

1. b
2. She went to france to teach English
3. -
4. skilled people are living in richer countries
5. All kind of thinks: UK, Australia needs dentists, doctors, nurses. belgium chefs. Norway sicologists. Brasil and France electronic engineers
6. money to family back at home
7. four huntrent.....dollars
8. take points from their skills
9. -

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