Saturday, September 21, 2013

Annoying Office Habits: The Answers

Hello all. Here at last are the answers to July's six Minute English Quiz on Annoying Office Habits:

Question 1 (Official):

What is the annoying habit of onychophagia is commonly known as?
b) Biting your nails is the right answer!

2) An example of annoying habits mentioned by the first speaker was: tapping your feet, tapping the table, tapping on your desk.

3) How did the first speaker counteract the bad habit? By putting on headphones.

4) What bad habit does the second speaker describe? Talking in jargon

5) What examples of this bad habit do Rob and Jenny give? “Thinking outside the box”, “Going forward”, “To touch base

6) What do Rob and Jenny say is top of the list for bad office habits? Arriving late for meetings.

7) What does Charles Elvin, of the Institute of Leadership, say that managers should do to eliminate bad habits? “Managers should address these problems and understand what office workers don’t like by ensuring that workers can air their grievances.”

Many thanks to Damiana, on a current September course, for her answers!

Watch out for the next Quiz, coming at the beginning of next week.

Have a very good Sunday!

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