Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speak, tell, say or talk?

Dear all,

Here's a vexed vocabulary question. Using the appropriate form of the words above, can you complete these sentences?

1. A lot of people are ___ about the latest murder in the Metro.

2. When you see the directors, ___ them I came to the meeting at the time we agreed - but no one turned up :-(

3. We're having ___ with our partners on how to agree on intellectual property rights for these images.

4. I don't ___ Arabic very well - just enough for basic communication.

5. They are ___ that we haven't kept our promises. It's not true.

Send us your answers in a comment or on the Tag Board.

Coming soon: a new Six Minute English Quiz!

Have a very good day.


Ilaria said...

Hi Mike!
My answers are:

1) Talk
2) Say
3) Talk
4) Speak
5) Tell

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, hereafter my answers:
1. talking 
2. tell
3. talk
4. speak
5. saying