Saturday, May 04, 2013

Six Minute English: Etiquette for boys

No, this isn't about luggage labels. It's about dealing with people around you in the best possible way. 'Managing relationships', as the big bureaucracies say.

This week's Six Minute English is about Etiquette for boys. There is some fairly advanced idiomatic English here, but nothing that you can't handle. Read the questions first, then listen to Callum and Jennifer talking about good manners.

Question 1 (Official): According to the rules of etiquette, at a formal meal where there are three sets of cutlery which should you use first? 

(a) The knife and fork furthest from your plate;
(b) the set closest to your plate;
(c) the set in the middle?  

You'll hear the answer at the end of the programme.

2. Jennifer says Callum has graduated from ' ___ school'. (One missing word)

3. Why did the students at the school want special lessons? ......

4. Who taught the course? .......

5. The course taught them how to ___ and how to ___ ___ ___ (one word, and three words) 

6. Jennifer thinks it's useful for both ___ and ___ .

7. What problem does John Parry think universities and employers have with young people? 'They ........, but their ....... Can you complete his answer?

8. "Their social skills '___ ___ ___'. (Three words)

Now listen to the programme. Then post your answers on the Tag Board or in a comment.

How important is etiquette in your society? Is the answer to question no. 1 the same in your country? Are there any unusual rules?

We'd love to know your answers, as they will help us to understand different societies. So everyone is encouraged to join in this week's Six Minute English Quiz.

More next week!


Ilaria said...

Hi Mike!
My answers are:
1) A: the knife and fork furthest from your plate.
2) Charm school.
3) Because they want to be prepared for social events (like the “Ball” party).
4) John Parry is the headmaster of the school and he works with a local hotel.
5) How to dress and how to act with confidence.
6) It’s useful for both school boys and girls.
7) They have a good knowledge and are good in their exams, but they haven’t confidence in themselves.
8) Their social skill let them down.

Mike said...

Many thanks for this Ilaria! Let's wait and see if anyone else takes part in this exercise. But I think you are on the right track.

Fotini said...

1. a
2. Charm
3. to prepare for a special event
4. local hotel
5. dress and how to act with confidence
6. schoolboys and schoolgirls
8. ....them down