Thursday, May 16, 2013

Etiquette for boys: The answers

Hello Readers! Here are the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz:

Question 1 (Official): According to the rules of etiquette, at a formal meal where there are three sets of cutlery which should you use first? The knife and fork furthest from your plate, the set closest to your plate or the set in the middle? 

The first option is correct: 'outside in', meaning you start with the cutlery furthest away from your plate, then work inwards.

2. Jennifer says Callum has graduated from ' charm school'.

3. Why did the students at the school want special lessons? To learn how to behave at an upcoming event: the Year 11 school-leaving ball.

4. Who taught the course? A local hotel.

5. The course taught them how to dress and how to act with confidence.

6. Jennifer thinks it's useful for both schoolboys  and schoolgirls.

7. What problem does John Parry think universities and employers have with young people? They know a lot but sometimes their social skills let them down.

8. "Their social skills 'let them down'. (Three words)

Many thanks to Raffaele, Sara and Ilaria for taking part in the Quiz! But where are the rest of you?!

'Let them down' - a useful idiomatic expression. We'll be exploring these, and other idioms, in the next few posts. And there will also be a further Six Minute English quiz. Watch this space!

Have a good evening!

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