Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Silence Is Golden" - the answers

Dear all,

My apologies for this long, er, silence on my part. It isn't golden silence; it is that of someone who has been rather busy in the past fortnight.

However, I can now give you the official answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz. Here they are:

1) This week's official question: Which one of these three jobs has the most exposure to noise?
The right answer is c) An airport ground staff worker.

2) When are loud noises necessary? So that they can be heard over other noises, as with emergency vehicles. Also, to 'cover up' or 'drown out' the sounds we don't want to hear.

3) What did rich people do to escape from noise? They moved out of the city to the countryside.

4) What's the disadvantage of the rich people's solution? Small sounds could be equally annoying to listen to.

5) What characteristic of cities causes sounds to seem louder? The fact that sounds bounce off tall buildings.

6. What do noise abatement groups do? They try to persuade people to make less noise.

7. What's the difference between 'noise' and 'sounds'? Noise is bad; sounds are good.

Many thanks to Luisa and Ilaria for your answers. But wouldn't it be nice, as the old song goes, if more people took part in our Six Minute English quizzes?

The next one is coming up soon. I'll also be posting one-off suggestions on how to solve common problems in English. So do keep returning to us, and watch this space.

Bye for now!

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