Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Plastic Princess: The Answers

Hello everyone. Here are the answers to last month's Six Minute English Quiz on The Plastic Princess:

1. (Official question) How many wives did English King Henry VIII have? c) six was the right answer.

2. A famous British novelist referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as a "shop window mannequin" with "no personality of her own."

3. The Tudor period in English history lasted from 1485 to 1603.

4. According to the novelist Hilary Mantel, Kate Middleton appeared to have been "designed by a committee and built by craftsmen."

5. How does Hilary Mantel compare Kate Middleton with Princess Diana? Kate is "precision-made, machine-made", unlike Diana who exhibited "human awkwardness and emotional incontinence".

6. According to Hilary Mantel, Princess Diana's death was caused by constant attention

Many thanks to Valentina, Sara, Raffaele, Ilaria and Alessandro for your participation in this quiz.

I will be posting another quiz very soon.

Meanwhile, please do continue to visit us and explore the listening websites listed on this blog. Ten minutes a day doing listening practice will make a great difference.

And if you're reading this, or doing listening practice in the office and your boss or "line manager" happens to look over your shoulder and question what you're doing, say that you are adding value to the organisation by practising your English. In case of any argument, have your boss contact me.

Have a nice day and more soon!

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