Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Six Minute English: The Island that Got Lost.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Six Minute English Quiz. I am sorry not to have posted anything for almost three weeks. I haven't got a real excuse except that this has been quite a busy time.

In this episode, Alice and Neil discuss the mystery of the Pacific island that disappeared.

Read the questions first, then listen.

1. (Official question): 
What's the name of the legendary island which is said to have sunk into the sea? Is it:
a) Pacifica b) Atlantis c) Oceana ?

You will hear the answer at the end of the programme.

2. Neil has a good/bad sense of direction. Which adjective is right?

3. What serious problem can happen with maps?

4. The depth of the sea at the point where Maria Seaton's map showed an island was ________ metres.

5. The BBC reporter suggests that the indication of a non-existent island on the map was due to "_____ _____" (Two words)

6. Google Earth's spokesman says that one of the problems with maps is that "_______ _______". (Two words).

7. Was Neil's answer to question (1) right?

Now listen to the programme. Then post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. Let's have as many readers as possible writing in with their answers!

More very soon and many thanks for reading this - and doing the Quiz.



Alessandro Bonelli said...


I'm Alessandro (4th English level).

My answers to questions:

3.It could happen that a map is completely wrong.
4.1400 meters.
5.Human error.
6.Things change.

federicoC said...

Hi Mike! i try to answer the questions of this Six Minute English:

2) Neil has a bad sense of direction. The right adjective is terrible.

3) i'm not sure but i think that the seriuos problem with maps is that you should download from the internet a map that is completly wrong!

4) 1,400 metres.
5) human error.
6) probably : things change ( i'm not sure)

7) yes, it was