Thursday, December 20, 2012

6 Minute English: The Island That Never Was: The Answers

Hello everyone! Many thanks to those of you who posted your answers. And here they are:

1. (Official question): What's the name of the legendary island which is said to have sunk into the sea? 
b) Atlantis

2. Neil has a bad sense of direction.

3. What serious problem can happen with maps? They can be completely wrong.

4. The depth of the sea at the point where Maria Seaton's map showed an island was 1400 metres.

5. The BBC reporter suggests that the indication of a non-existent island on the map was due to "human error" (Two words)

6. Google Earth's spokesman says that one of the problems with maps is that "things change". (Two words).

7. Was Neil's answer to question (1) right? Yes!

I used Alessandro's answers (see Comments). But many thanks to those who took part. Watch out for the next Quiz - imminent!

More again very soon!

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