Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unreality and speculation

Sounds like a dream. Or a money-making scheme.. But no. Today we're talking about this week's grammar. It principally concerns my Level Four students but speculating on an unreal situation is an important function in any language and at most levels.

A good example is a personal question currently on the British Council Rome's Facebook page: "If I had absolute power for one day, I would..." - and you complete the sentence.

For further help on this topic, look no further than the British Council's Learn English site. On the main page, click "Grammar and Vocabulary", then "English Grammar". From the list on the right choose "Verbs in time clauses and if clauses". Look at the explanations and then try the games at the bottom of the page.

When you have finished, leave a message on the Tag Board saying what you think of the site. Did it help you?

I'll put up a further Listening Quiz later this week.

More soon!


Alessandra Ricci said...

It's definitely helpful to improve this grammar section! Thanks Mike!

Elena Bertolini said...

Thank you Mike. Very interesting and constructive.
See you later. Elena

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