Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Six Minute English: Unemployment.

That dread word, 'unemployment'. Dread? This adjective means, "inspiring fear". And unemployment inspires fear in most of us unless by some lucky chance we don't have to work.

In this week's Six Minute English we look at a problem that is serious in many countries: that of youth unemployment. Italy is no stranger to this phenomenon.

Here's a list of questions, starting with the usual official question, to which you will hear the answer at the end of the programme. For the other questions, listen carefully and insert the missing words. Each blank space represents one word.

1. Which one of these unusual jobs is NOT a real one?

a) A vibration consultant.
b) A trifle analyst.
c) A raven master.

2. The International Labour Organisation predicts no improvement in the employment rate before the year ______ at the earliest.

3. The International Labour Organisation's chief economist thinks that as a result of entrenched unemployment, young people will
______ their ______ .

4. Many young graduates are being forced to take
______ , ______ jobs. (2 words)

5. The ILO wants governments to make job creation a
______ .

6. The ILO also suggests offering
______ ______ to companies who employ young people. (2 words)

7. Natalie suggest that young people could
______ ______ to help them build their skills. (2 words)

Now listen to the programme. Write your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.

Let's see how many people listen and write in with their answers. I look forward to seeing everyone's answers posted here!

More soon! Yours,


Livia D. said...

1) B
3)loose their skills
4)part time, unskilled
6)tax break
7)learn english

Tommaso said...

1) b
2) 2016
3) loose their skills
4) part time
5) priority
6) taxe break
7) learn english