Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art or Vandalism? The answers to our latest quiz.

Dear all,
This time we had several participants in our Six Minute English Quiz. I would like to thank Valerio, Valeria, Marco, Agnese, Francesca and Irma for answering the questions to this listening comprehension.

And I think you all did pretty well. Here are the answers:

1. This week's official question: The highest price ever paid for a painting was $250m ('m' = million) for Paul Cezanne's 'The Card Players'. 

2. Jennifer's favourite painting is Guernica which depicts a scene from the Spanish Civil War.

3. The painting defaced by the visitor to the Tate Modern was by the Russian-American artist Mark Rothko.

4. The 'vandal' is happy and glad that he defaced the painting, but sad that most people "can't see what it's all about". In other words, they can't understand his action.

5. The 'Yellowist' movement aims to improve an artistic work by adding a new message to it.

Another Quiz is on its way. Meanwhile, to improve your listening skills, you need to do some practice every day. Look down the list of sites in the right-hand column. Check out 'Top Sites Right Now', and, further down, 'Listening and Video Sites'. Spend ten minutes a day and you'll soon begin to find listening easier.

More very soon! Yours,

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