Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romance In Rome!

This is the title of the latest episode of Six Minute English from the BBC's Learning English site.

It's about a particular gesture that Romans often make when they are in love. But the Rome City Council does not approve. Let's listen to the episode to find out more.

Here are some questions for you to answer. They will help you to concentrate while listening. The first, official, question is an absolute piece of cake for anyone even remotely familiar with the Eternal City. But I am going to include it anyway.

1. What is the name of the river which runs through Rome? Is it:

a) The Tiber?
b) The Danube?
c) The Rhine?

2. What romantic gesture does Rosie regularly make to her boyfriend?

3. What exactly is one of the most favourite romantic gestures in Rome?

For the following questions, supply the missing words:

4. The BBC reporter saw _______ of _______ on the bridge.

5. The local council remove these with _______ 

6. This tool is also useful for stealing _______ .

7. The local council says that the fabric of the bridge is threatened by _______ from the _______ .

8. Rosie's romantic secret is that her _______  is _______ .

Now listen to the episode and send in your answers, either on the Tag Board or in a comment. Official answers later this week

Good luck! Yours,
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1 comment:

Ludo said...

The name of the river which runs through Rome is the Tiber; Rosie actually lives in this beautiful city with her boyfriend.
She often make a romantic gesture to him, she likes leaving small, romantic notes around the house...
Instead in Rome one of the most romantic gestures is leave a small lock attached to the bridge, but now the magnificant administrators of this city have decided for cutting the locks....
Mike I'm not sure that I don't make any mistake....