Friday, September 28, 2012

Romance In Rome - The Answers.

Dear Readers,
It's now the end of the week, and time to post the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz. Obviously the answer to the official question, "What is the name of the river which runs through Rome?" is "a) The Tiber"!

Here are the answers to the other questions:
2. What romantic gesture does Rosie regularly make to her boyfriend? She leaves romantic notes around the house.

3. What exactly is one of the most favourite romantic gestures in Rome? Couples leave a small lock attached to a bridge. The word "padlock" is also used: this refers to a small U-shaped portable lock used, for instance to attach a bicyle to something solid.

4. The BBC reporter saw thousands of padlocks on the bridge.

5. The local council remove these with bolt-cutters

6. This tool is also useful for stealing bicycles

7. The local council says that the fabric of the bridge is threatened by rust from the padlocks

8. Rosie's romantic secret is that her boyfriend is Italian.

Many thanks to Ludovico and Pamela who posted their answers to the quiz. But where was everyone else??

Never mind. I promise another listening quiz next week! Meanwhile, keep coming to the Blog, go down the list of sites on the right-hand side of the page, and check out as many sites as you can - especially listening.

Have a very good weekend! [Although rain is promised for Rome on Sunday :-(]Yours,

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