Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympics Quiz Questions

Hello everyone! You can tell that the summer holidays are in the air. No one answered any of the questions! :-(

No worries. I am glad to be able to provide some answers. Here they are, based on information you can find in the
London 2012 Olympics site:

[Look under ‘News’1. How many medals are being made for the Olympics? 4700

2. Where will they be stored before the Games? In the historic Tower of London

3. How much are tickets for the Big Dance in Trafalgar Square on 14 July? It’s free!

Look under Schedule and Results.]
4. When is the Women's Cycling Road Race? 29 July

5. When is the Men's Laser Sailing Race? 6 August

6. How many Olympic medals has Paralympic sportswoman Paola Fantato won? And in which sport? Eight; Archery.

7. How many bananas will be eaten by the Olympic Torch-bearing team as it tours the UK?
2.7 million during the whole Olympic Games.

oming up: an Olympics listening quiz from the radio. I'll also include a short list of useful Olympics websites - in perfect English, of course!

Watch this space! Yours,

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